Business cards

I ran out of business cards and was getting ready to place an order with one of the big printers one can easily find online. I figured I would go with something Not Completely Evil, like maybe recycled paper or soy-based ink. Then I stumbled on a site where someone stamped their own business cards. This took me to a custom stamp supplier, which I almost went with. As I was assembling my order, though, I realized that most of what I do is create stamps. Right.

So I took an existing Subvert image, "Grow Your Own," and shrunk it to fit the standard 2x3.5" business card size.

Adapted "Grow Your Own" image carved into 2x3.5" linoleum block

As for paper, I've been looking for a good use for the paper board (e.g., beer or cereal boxes) that is tricky to recycle here in Moab, Utah. This stuff is roughly the thickness of stout card stock, so I figured it was a good fit.

A stack of paperboard ready to be cut into business card size

They printed quite well, and I now have a way to showcase my imagery with the same process that I use for my products. It's great to be in control of the entire business card process, and to extend the life of packaging waste.

Hand-printed business card with contact information

The back of the business card, highlighting the reuse of materials