Making Music

The Axe Among T's

My original idea for the 'make music' Subvert image was to encourage participation in life over spectatorship. I've never gotten into spectator sports very much and I cringe when I hear people talk about the paintings they would create, vegetables they would grow, poems they would write, or songs they would play if only they had the time, talent, or energy.

I think a lot of us underestimate how much time we spend doing joyless, unnecessary things (e.g., television viewing, Facebooking, talking about how little time we have). Converting just a bit of the time we spend doing these things into 'do the thing time' can go a long way in developing an enjoyable means of self-expression.

After printing lots of guitars proclaiming MAKE MUSIC, I decided I'd finally spend a little energy learning how to make some music myself. My wife owns a guitar, mandolin, flute, cello, and keyboard, which are scattered throughout our house. I began sneaking the guitar back to my studio during the workday and have been figuring out basic chords and such whenever I have down time or need a quick break.

I had a breakthrough moment the other night when Emily and I spontaneously erupted into a raucous rendition of Rainbow Connection for our son - me on guitar and she on mandolin. Sure, I had a hard time keeping up with her and several of the chords were pretty wonky, but it was a shit ton of fun. Me dinking around on the guitar whenever the hourglass icon appears on my 2006 Dell Inspiron made that moment possible.

Working in the creative arts provides lots of opportunities for expression. But there's something uniquely rewarding about doing something expressive and not getting paid for it. I'm pretty sure I'll never receive a dime for my guitar skills, and I'm actually pretty excited about that.