I was commissioned to do this image for a Moab-based organization call Grand Area Mentoring. They run a great mentoring program through our local school district and match adult mentors with school kids. I asked the program's director for some activities that mentors and mentees engage in during their time together. He gave me a list of dozens of things. I loved this. Even before I asked for the list, however, the image of an adult and a child making music together was floating through my thoughts. I like the idea of two people coming from different places (age, ethnicity, profession, political persuasion...) and working together to create something beautiful, however modest. I hope it translates that I see just as much teaching coming from the person with the little hand as is coming from the person with the big hand.

super secret behind-the-scenes beta: That's my hand and my son's hand on my son's keyboard. We are playing under the tutelage of my wife/his Mom.