Sub-vert [suh b-vurt] : to overthrow (something established or existing).

Subvert proposes the overthrow of The American Lifestyle -- the one that is making us fat, depressed, violent, alienated, and lonely. It is a collection of non-partisan, middle-of-the-road, positive actions one can take to fix what is broken. The imagery is created with hand-carved linoleum blocks.

WHY   Subvert is an attempt to discover a lifestyle with less impact and more community. It is the result of quite a bit of reading, thinking, talking, observing, admiring, and doing. It was my preparation for the day when my son, Oscar, asked, "Dad, why in the world do we do things the way we do them?"

WHO   I'm Chad Niehaus, a multi-media artist interested in making art that is both accessible and relevant. I'm passionate about block-printing. I chose this artform for Subvert because it celebrates the individual and is unapologetic about character marks. 

I practice most of what I try not to be too preachy about.


WHERE   My family has established roots in the city of Moab, Utah, a beautiful community in the high desert. It is filled with passionate people willing to do without a few things in order to have what they need. The good citizens of Moab are a huge inspiration in this endeavor. Planning a vacation to Moab? I am often able to accommodate visitors to my studio -- just drop me a line if you are interested.

HOW   An image takes shape as follows: (1) I transfer a pencil drawing to a linoleum block, (2) I carve the linoleum, (3) I ink the carved block with permanent ink, (4) I place the inked block face-down on the printing surface, and (5) I walk on the block, using my body weight as a printing press. Each image is unique!

Please watch the videos below to see me Doing My Thing: