Bikes rule because they are efficient and fun. Incorporating even a little non-car transport in your daily life makes a difference in your health, outlook, and community connection. Doing it fairly often can result in much less flab and much more money. You could scare yourself out of riding a bike - it's too dangerous, you'd get too sweaty, or it's too cold outside - but that's the stuff (within reason) that makes you remember you are alive.

Anecdote: As I was riding my three-year-old son to school (me on my town cruiser, him in his trailer), I thought I felt something. This was the day after the fourth of July, also known in our little desert hamlet as 53 days since any precipitation. I thought I felt a raindrop, see. Then, before I knew it, I was squinting and Oscar was squinting as the rain pelted our faces and we were woop-wooping through the streets as we coasted at a brisk 19 miles per. I got goosebumps, I experienced the first attempt (albeit brief) at a break in the drought – the break I had been discussing with my friends and neighbors for the past two months, and I got to be there for it with my son. All because I was on a bike.