My family moved a lot as I was growing up. The longest stint we had in one place was five years. Moving for career enhancement was normal and common. Plenty of folks still do it. But there is something to settling down in a place that feels good. It's hard to get all the elements you need all at the same time in one particular place. Where I live now, and have for thirteen years, work is hard to come by. Decent-paying, year-round, benefited jobs are few and far between. But it's possible to make enough to be comfortable if you are resourceful and content with a modest lifestyle. And the other qualities of the place make up for the lack of monetary wealth: open spaces, a tight-knit community, safety, easy access to wild nature, and creative inspiration. If you are wired to live in a place only as long as you have to until a better opportunity comes along, you won't really ever live anywhere. Being transient (even in a 5,000 square foot house) prevents you from finding good friends, exploring the nooks and crannies, being trusted, or getting involved and giving back to the place. Putting down roots makes it so the future of the place you live in will directly affect you and people you care about. And this will motivate you to do what you can to ensure things move in a healthy direction.